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Library   Our Philosophy

        A person's success relies on his/her hard working, friendship, leadership, creativity, and integrity.
K-8 Program   K-8 Program

        We offer English Language Art and Math courses, including SSAT/ISEE, to grades K-8 students. These courses are designed to help students master what they learn in schools and provide students opportunities to challenge themselves. The English course will focus on vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, literature, and writing. The Math course will focus on math fundamentals, algebra, and geometry.
SAT Class   SAT/PSAT/ACT Program

        SAT/PSAT/ACT scores play an important role in college admission repertoire, especially in those top colleges. This program will provide students a thorough understanding of the SAT/PSAT/ACT format and content. Taught by our licensed teachers who have many years' experience, students will have an intensive course to help them efficiently improve their scores. Every year, we have students being accepted by Ivy League colleges or other top colleges.
Study Abroad   Study Abroad Program

        In this globalization age, more and more young students choose to study abroad to learn about other cultures and languages, especially in summer. KEC Academy offers two study abroad programs in the summer: One is the 15-days program for students to visit top US colleges, learn US education systems, and tour the east coast. The other one is the 31-days program, which, in addition to the 15-days, provides an intensive course for SAT, SSAT, or ESL.
Columbia Univercity   College / Secondary School Application

        Application for admission to colleges or secondary schools is a great challenge to many students and parents. With our quality and personalized counselors, you will receive individual attention, plans, and advises through your application process. We are glad to help you, especially the oversea students, to meet your personal and academic goals.
Science   Summer Program

        Summer is the happiest season to students. In each summer, KEC offers 7-10 weeks summer program for grades K-12 students. This program provides an array of reacreational and enrichment activities in a friendly, safe, and supportive environment that will foster friendship and develop academic skills. The students will make friends, have fun, learn academic knowledge, and model positive self-image.